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Blockchain Beach is an independent LA-based community media organization that provides trusted news and information about digital assets, digital artifacts, and web3 culture.

Our goal is to connect and give an inclusive voice to our diverse entrepreneurial community to create awareness and drive innovation. We serve a global audience by highlighting wins, showcasing innovation, and covering topics that deserve to be addressed.

Originally launched 2014 in Miami, our website publishes original blockchain-related technology stories.  We also share the best of everything else out there — interesting articles, informative tweets, compelling Instagram posts, and links about worthy technology projects and happenings around the nation.

We also host events designed to inform, entertain, and inspire the Web3 community, and help them link up with developers, mentors, and crypto enthusiasts with new perspectives in decentralized technology.

If you want to send us your press release or want to let us know about your startup or NFT project, please contact us via this form.

Blockchain Beach is made possible through your generous contribution and participation.


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