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How To Add a Custom Token in MyCrypto Wallet

MyCrypto has a standard set of ERC-20 Tokens that will load automatically when you transfer your coins to this software wallet. For any others, you’ll need to add them manually (to create and log in to your own personal MyCrypto, follow our tutorial at Create Your MyCrypto Software Wallet. Note that you will be able to Add a Custom Token when logging in via View Only mode with Your Address.

Once logged in, you can click on “Add Custom Tokens” under the “Token Balance” section. It will then ask you for the following information:

  • Contract Address
  • Token Symbol
  • Decimals

This information can be found on the website of the Token, in an email that the company may have sent you after participating in their ICO, or sometimes searchable on

Once you have the information, you can enter it and click “Save:” 

You will now be able to transfer your Tokens and see them in your wallet (previously transferred tokens will now appear). If you do not see them, click “Show All Tokens” or “Only Show Balances.”


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