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Tips for Setting Up Your TREZOR Hardware Wallet in a Safe and Secure Way

A man recently reported buying a hardware wallet off of eBay and had all of his coins stolen when someone intercepted the device and copied down the 24 word security phrase prior to final delivery. Once the buyer loaded his coins, the hacker used the 24 word security phrase to recreate the device and send the coins to himself (i.e. steal them).

The safest thing you can do is order direct from the the manufacturer, for example on the TREZOR website. However, we understand that you pay have already purchased from a 3rd party provider, like Amazon. To stay safe:

1. Order from TREZOR website now, or

2. Order from a fulfillment provider on Amazon, but reset your 24 word security phrase when you receive it. This is a no brainer — it’s like getting a combination lock and not changing the default combination!

Important Note: if you have already purchased this device and loaded it with coins, send your coins back to an exchange or software wallet prior to resetting your device and changing your security phrase.

If you have not yet set up your TREZOR, read our tutorial:

To reset your 24 word security phrase:

Once you have set up your device, navigate to the “Advanced” tab of your Wallet and scroll down to the “Wipe Device” option:

You will be asked to confirm on the device by clicking the right button:

You can then restart your TREZOR device and generate your new 24 word phrase. If you need assistance, you can read our tutorial: TREZOR Hardware Wallet Tutorial.


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