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2021 Crypto Predictions from SPiCE VC


2021 Crypto Predictions from SPiCE VC

SPiCE VC is a Venture Capital fund providing its investors exposure to the massive growth of the Blockchain and tokenization ecosystem.

We invest in companies building the ecosystem, with winning products and services, and strong teams capable of executing on their vision and leading their domain. Companies who stand to benefit the most from the massive growth of the industry.

Our predictions for 2021 include:

On China

  • China will make the fastest progress in the Blockchain/DLT domain via major investments across many verticals using DLT and DLT infrastructure/ecosystem. The result will be a flow of projects going into production in 2021.

On Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs)

  • CBDC Prediction: Some implementations will already materialize (early stages/adoption projects), including (and most likely) in China. Switzerland is also making headway, along with other healthy EU initiatives.

On Enterprise Blockchain:

  • Corporate and institutional focus will be heavily weighted towards permissioned blockchains.

On Digital Securities:

  • Digital Securities Predictions:
    •  Digital Security issuances will grow in size, and some will be involving large banks and institutional players, In the US, EU and Japan.
    • 2022 will be the year where we start seeing more digital securities liquidity, but some of the signs will be there by late 2021.
    • Japan will become a significant jurisdiction pushing digital securities projects. Significant digital securities related activity from major Japanese capital markets players

On DeFi:

  • DeFi Prediction: DeFi noise will quiet down, and although some activity will remain, DeFi will become more of a niche “wild-west” aspect of the digital assets domain, with more limited impact than many anticipated in 2020.

On Institutional Investors:

  • There will most certainly be significant Institutional adoption and investment in Blockchain/DLT technology and projects. The focus of these institutional players will be in financial verticals like banking, capital markets, payments and insurance.
    • Corporate and institutional focus will also be heavily weighted towards permissioned blockchains.

On Regulation:

  • There will be major progress towards the passing of the US crypto currency act, which will lead to the rapid evolution of the industry – creating a more certain regulatory environment that will create more mainstream adoption.
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Founder SPiCE VC, Securitize; Founder and CEO (Navion, Exactor, Yallo);CIO at Capital One, CIO at Bank of America; COO at BondDesk; CTO & Head of New Businesses at 888; Over a decade of early stage investing and board membership (Humavox, 365Scores, Zoomd, Jobookit, Focalinfo, etc.)


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