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AstraZeneca & Guardtime Launch VaccineGuard Blockchain Pilot


AstraZeneca & Guardtime Launch VaccineGuard Blockchain Pilot

VaccineGuard is a digital infrastructure for connecting different participants in the vaccine ecosystem (vaccine manufacturers, hospitals, public health authorities, certificate providers, wellness app providers, citizens, border guards, insurance companies) enabling data provenance and verification across organizational boundaries and international borders.

The platform is made available through software APIs that do not require dedicated infrastructure with security and privacy delivered by design through Guardtime’s KSI Blockchain.

AstraZeneca Estonia will participate in VaccineGuard product testing enabling an end to end solution with a feedback loop between manufacturer, care provider, citizen and public-health authorities. VaccineGuard will be the first solution adopted by national health authorities that links decision-critical data like vaccinations and authentic vaccines across multiple systems integral to the successful delivery of the COVID-19 vaccination program and enabling global travel.

Jüri Ratas, the Prime Minister of Estonia said: “The pandemic has shown the world that in crisis we need to have a global anchor of trust like the WHO. The World Health Organization can play a critical positive role in global digital health governance. Our pilot project presents an extraordinary opportunity for the Estonian community to help the world in the fight against COVID-19.”

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