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USC Marshall FinTech Summit Puts Blockchain Front and Center


USC Marshall FinTech Summit Puts Blockchain Front and Center

Last night, USC Marshall held its annual FinTech Summit with leaders from the Blockchain and FinTech industry. Blockchain was front and center starting with the opening statement from Dean Suh-Pyng Ku:

This is the Bloomberg report that Dean Ku cited:

Tim Spangler, from law firm Dechert LLP, had a lot to say about Bitcoin:

He also cautioned the audience not to compare blockchain and crypto to what’s come before:

And he finally gave a definitive response as to what an ERC-20 token is:

Jackson Finio, Founding Partner of Fund3, gave his perspective on what be excited about in 2019:

And there was agreement that blockchain will shake up the Financial Securities world soon:

The event concluded with presentations from the non-blockchain, FinTech world, but it was great to see such an emphasis on the emerging space. Fight on!

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