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Crypto for a Good Cause


Crypto for a Good Cause

With “Community” being one of the many tenants of Crypto, Blockchain Beach has worked to shine a light on some of the large-scale community development efforts, including ones in Puerto Rico and organizations like Mama Hope. However, sometimes its possible to make a big impact on a smaller scale.

One such opportunity comes from Matthew Kaye, Managing Partner of Blockhead Capital. He reached out to us with the following message:

Samir was my childhood camp counselor for years and now his 6 year old son, Carter, is fighting a fatal disease nicknamed “Children’s Alzheimers,” in which children under the age of 10 deteriorate until they die. There has been a ton of progress in treating the disease, but the studies only focus on much younger children. Even though Carter has yet to show signs of deterioration, all of the current experimental treatments consider him too old to help.

Samir has decided to fight back and raise enough money to fund an additional trial that will help older children fighting the disease. They need to raise $1M in 1 month and have already secured $132,000 in 3 days (fiat only donations).

They are looking to raise a lot of the remaining balance in Digital Currency and have set up a donation page to do so. Tax deductible donations can be made in any of the Digital Currencies listed on Coinbase (where the wallets are hosted) at:

You can also reach out to Matthew for more information at [email protected].

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