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LA Blockchain Summit Looks Toward the Next Bull Market


LA Blockchain Summit Looks Toward the Next Bull Market

Whether bull or bear market, LA Blockchain Summit is a constant for the Los Angeles community. This fall’s conference focused on those building through the bear market and it’s pretty clear that we will look back on these efforts in awe a few years from now.

One of the coolest activations we saw was Ape Water, a preview from

To start the panels, Nicole Behnam commented on the trend of Creators becoming investors:

And Bonfire Ventures founder Mark Mullen cautioned founders to watch out for Venture Capitalists with great social media accounts:

For those not in Web3, it’s time to learn Web3 culture before building here:

The following panel focused on NFTs, with Flip 88 saying that NFTs need to have real world utility:

Have you been in The Sandbox? Well some of your favorite brands are already there:

Is Crypto and NFTs dead? Depends on your timeframe, according to Adam Draper:

The biggest brands are coming to web3, including Equinox gyms:

And Shopify is trying to power the future:

Can’t wait to see the fruits of these efforts at the next Summit!!

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