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NFT LA Conference 2022 Highlights


NFT LA Conference 2022 Highlights

The inaugural NFT LA conference hit the Los Angeles Convention Center this week with star studded panels and a crowd of thousands, eager to discuss the future of NFTs! Some of the highlights included:

The conference kicked off with Axie Infinity Co-founder, Jeff Zirlin, who goes by the nickname “The Jiho.”  He showed real leadership and poise during an extremely tough time for his company ($625M were stolen earlier that morning).

Next up was Mark Cuban, explaining how his live entertainment app, Fireside, will include metaverse components:

And brought on a surprise guest, Charlie Sheen, one of the stars of an upcoming show on Fireside:

DC Comics then made a major NFT announcement about its Batman Franchise:

Day 2 included Aria Exchange talking about how important Sports is to onboarding new NFT fans:

And Steve Aoki gave his best advice for new NFT investors (he also played a two hour set that evening for his A0k1verse holders and other VIPs at Wisdome LA):

The women of Dapper Labs told us what we already know about the popularity of NBA Top Shot, but also gave some data on the popularity of WNBA Top Shot

Finally, former presidential candidate Andrew Yang took the stage with other members of GoldenDao:


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