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WATCH: SEC Chairman Jay Clayton Talks ICOs and Bitcoin ETF

Financial Regulation

WATCH: SEC Chairman Jay Clayton Talks ICOs and Bitcoin ETF

Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Chairman Jay Clayton gave a fireside chat at Coindesk’s Consensus: Invest 2018 in New York yesterday afternoon.

(You can watch the full video of Clayton’s fireside chat above)

He touched on a number of topics relating to ICOs, the Bitcoin Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) approval process, and even commented on specific cryptoassets for the approximately 1,300 attendees.

In regards to Bitcoin ETF proposals, he noted that unregulated exchanges are a major factor in their denial:

Clayton went on to further clarify statements that he made in the past about whether ICOs are considered securities offerings:

Clayton solidified his stance that Bitcoin and Ether are not securities. As for Ripple? TBD…

What is his reasoning? Bitcoin is a currency:

All in all, Clayton had a positive outlook on the future of blockchain technology:

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