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State of Digital Securities 2020: Markets Overview


State of Digital Securities 2020: Markets Overview

This 2020 State of Digital Securities report is a collaboration between Tom Lombardi, Roy Learner, and Andrew Ballinger of Wave Financial and the team at TQ Tezos. It discusses the state of the industry at the beginning of 2020, with part 1 focused  on Markets.

Click here for Part 2 on the current Regulatory Environment!

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Roy, an associate at Wave Financial is passionate about crypto’s potential to transform global finance and has been involved in the space since 2016. Most recently, Roy led Market Development efforts at the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, helping educate large organizations on the impact of blockchain technology. Prior to the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, Roy worked at Optoro, a late-stage supply chain logistics start-up backed by Kleiner Perkins, UPS and Franklin Templeton. Roy received a BS in International Finance from American University.


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