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What Bear Market? Outer Edge Delivers for NFTLA


What Bear Market? Outer Edge Delivers for NFTLA

Blockchain Beach attended the recent Outer Edge Conference during NFTLA. See below for the highlights!

FaZe Clan represents the gaming world:

And the Web3 world by onboarding more users than most Web3 companies:

DeLabs (DeGods, Y00ts, and Bitcoin DeadGods) and their founder Frank are the most innovative cross-chain project in NFTs right now:

They minted their Ordinals collection in one block:

But don’t worry, no Y00ts on Doge:

While most people are going slow during the bear, DeLabs is winning with speed:

NFTs and Charity, the perfect match:

Sports are another perfect match:

How do you define utility? Learn what Yuga Labs‘ illaDaProducer thinks:

William Shatner dropped some life advice, no big deal:

And of course, we can’t forget about the ART:

And it’s time for everyone to move past social media and into the Web3 age:

See you again next year!!

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