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Consensus 2023: Coindesk Delivers in Austin


Consensus 2023: Coindesk Delivers in Austin

CoinDesk brought Consensus back to Austin, Texas last week, and although the climate was cooler than the year before, the crypto action was just as hot and spicy. Read below for some highlights and head over to the Blockchain Beach Twitter for the full set of Tweets!

They started off by previewing all of the brands that would be joining Day 1:


And went right into Pepsi!

Web3 data will be a major unlock to push the space forward with the biggest brands in the world:

Remember that this isn’t easy!

The day then moved on to a live taping of the GenC Podcast with Vayner’s Avery Akkineni and CoinDesk’s Sam Ewen talking to Warner Music’s Oana Ruxandra, who posed the question, what if you could monetize music the same way you could monetize gaming?

The next panel asked: do you own your web3 experience?

Anheuser Busch is asking how to best make web3 not seem like web3 for most members (and that’s ok!):

Alo Yoga’s Angelic Vendette brought up a great point about Community vs. Audience:

And Betty from Deadfellaz challenged luxury brands to find out what they can sell to those who can’t afford the full priced items:

And LVMH is already way ahead of that game:

The first breaking news of the day came from Polygon and Google Cloud:

Coinbase then played the video that they sent to the SEC in response to their Wells Notice:

POAP’s Isabel Gonzalez explained what makes a digital collectible desirable (and it’s not just monetary value):

And would it really be a good conference if there weren’t Wizards bringing the magic back to Bitcoin?

Because hey, Ordinals don’t break any “rules” of Bitcoin:

And finally, Senator Cynthia Lummis joined to give an update on her blockchain bill that she introduced at last year’s event:

See you next year!!

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