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Blockchain Platform, Vevue, Premieres First Film

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Blockchain Platform, Vevue, Premieres First Film

On Friday, July 6th, Blockchain Beach attended the west coast premiere of “No Postage Necessary” at the Laemmle Theater in Santa Monica. The plot of this new romantic comedy does include an FBI investigation into stolen Bitcoin, but more importantly, it will be released next week on Vevue, a Blockchain powered network.

The Santa Monica-based non-profit organization uses the Qtum Blockchain platform to help movie producers, musicians, journalists, and the general public share and consume premium content. According to co-founders Thomas and Katherine Olson, July 10th’s wide release will be the first ever distribution of a movie on a Blockchain platform:

This is a technological feat in the Blockchain era that will change the way we view films, music videos, restaurant reviews, and just about any kind of content out there. We firmly believe in changing the model of entertainment and content-sharing, so that more money flows to those who actually create content, and not people in the middle. Vevue can and will distribute nearly 100 percent of the revenue back to the creators of content.

On top of being a platform for premium content, Veuve also enables users to have personalized content created for them. According to Olsen:

We are the only blockchain-based content-sharing platform that has fully operationalized the use of pinned requests using tokens all around the world. This means that if I am in Florida and want a review of an art museum in Italy, I can pin a token through the Vevue app to a museum in Italy. And then, someone at the museum who uses the app can receive that request, record and upload a review and earn the tokens as a result. So, you see, this is a step beyond the way most people think about cryptocurrencies. In this system, people can actually earn their crypto, not just buy it.

Only time will tell whether this new platform will catch on with its system of a la carte and personalized content, but it’s encouraging to see a fully functioning Decentralized App (DApp) getting ready to hit the App Store. As the key slogans from the night read:

“Sometimes Love Rewrites Code… Sometimes Blockchain Rewrites Internet.”

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