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BLOCKCON 2018: Day 2 Recap


BLOCKCON 2018: Day 2 Recap

BLOCKCON 2018 continued Thursday with another day of speakers and panels. You can see our coverage from Day 1 and Day 3 using these links.

The highlight of the morning was a fireside chat between author Nassim Nicholas Taleb and AngelList Co-Founder Naval Ravikant:

For a full recap of their discussion, including topics like Bitcoin, Economists like Paul Krugman, and the Minority Rule, you can read that here.

The next panel included a number of heavy hitters from the world of marketing, tech, and public relations:

Shannon Ewing of Presearch reminded the Blockchain entrepreneurs in the room that marketing and community don’t end at the conclusion of a token sale:

She also had a top tip to keep scammers out of your Telegram groups:

Co-Founder of Wikipedia and current executive at Everipedia, Larry Sanger had a good point about Airdrops:

Later, Jeff McDonald from NEM posed an interesting question to Bitcoin doubters:

David Bleznak, CEO of Totle, sat down with Crypto Invest Summit‘s Alon Goren:

Bleznak believes that products that make it easy on the user will gain more adoption:

We then learned a bit about how Blockchain can help the influence marketing industry:

Lots has been going on at BLOCKCON 2018. You can see our coverage from Day 1 and Day 3 or our recap of the fireside chat between AngelList Co-Founder Naval Ravikant and author Nassim Nicholas Taleb using these links.

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