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Cryptocurrencies Get Their Own Jeopardy Category


Cryptocurrencies Get Their Own Jeopardy Category

On Thursday, November 29th, Jeopardy, America’s most-award winning TV game show, featured an entire category named “Cryptocurrencies.”  During the Double Jeopardy round of the show, longtime host Alex Trebek grilled the contestants about altcoins, a trademark lawsuit, and a government-backed digital currency.

The full set of questions included in the category are below.  How many answers can you name?

$200: An altcoin is any unit of cryptocurrency other than this one

$400: A lawsuit from this Rapper killed off the Coinye Currency

$600: Each transaction is a “block” connected in these digital ledgers that enable cryptocurrencies to work

$800: 3-letter chat app created its own currency, the very similarly named Kin

$1,000: In 2018, this South American country launched the Petro currency backed by oil reserves (Daily Double)

(see answers below)

Pat Sajak and Alex Trebeck

Editorial credit: Kathy Hutchins /

$200: What is Bitcoin?

$400: Who is Kanye West?

$600: What is Blockchain?

$800: What is Kik?

$1,000: What is Venezuela?

Cover Photo Editorial credit: Ryan J. Thompson /

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