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Everything You Need to Know About the WAX Token Swap


Everything You Need to Know About the WAX Token Swap

Santa Monica based WAX, a platform built to create, buy, sell, and trade virtual items, held it’s token sale in late 2017 and distributed ERC-20 tokens to purchasers. After high fees on Ethereum became untenable, WAX decided to build their platform on a fork of EOS. Between now and August 31st, holders of ERC-20 tokens can take steps to have their ERC-20 tokens converted over to the new WAX platform token.

So much hype around blockchain is going unfulfilled simply because no one has addressed all the pain points in a single solution,” said William Quigley, CEO of WAX. “We carefully designed the WAX Blockchain Platform and our full suite of blockchain-based tools to enhance the online marketplace experience. It’s drop-dead simple for users and delivers blockchain’s original promises.”

The main benefit is that by leaving your Genesis WAX Protocol Tokens uninterruptedly staked for 3 years, you will double your WAX Protocol Tokens. To learn how to make the swap, watch this YouTube instructional video:


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