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Global Media Blockchain Summit: Day 2 Recap


Global Media Blockchain Summit: Day 2 Recap

Welcome back for our Day 2 recap of the Global Media Blockchain Summit. If you missed our coverage from Day 1, check it out here!

The first panel of the day was Blockchain’s Influence on the Development of Culture and Media:

It was great to hear how Blockchains are becoming more scalable for the companies using them in this industry:

Next up was a panel on the top investment opportunities in Blockchain:

Steve Kim from Alpha Labs was not sure if Wall Street wants to invest in individual projects:

But Richard Li had some encouraging statistics:

While Sam Yang was the most optimistic on the overall market:

The following panel focused on Blockchain solutions in Healthcare and Food Safety:

Radhika Iyengar-Emens of Starchain Ventures and DoubleNova Group sees major solutions for healthcare:

And some are seeing major progress in the space, even from a few months ago:

The event starts to wind down with a fireside chat:

Noah Kindler, Co-Founder of Nutopia, had a great reminder about disruption and how you have to think about new frameworks:

And Heidi Pease reminded us why many of us are here!

The conference closed with a keynote from Rahilla Zafar, Managing Director of Consensys:

She noted that there are over 1,000 employees at Consensys and they are focused on long term projects:

She updated the crowd on advancements in smart cities using Blockchains:

And was generally optimistic on the future of Ethereum and other protocols:

That’s a wrap and we’re looking forward to the next event from LA Blockchain Lab and their partners! If you missed our recap of part one, you can find it by clicking this link!

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