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Global Media Blockchain Summit: Day 1 Recap


Global Media Blockchain Summit: Day 1 Recap

Presented by the LA Blockchain Lab and IDEAS, UCLA Anderson’s Korn Convocation Hall hosted the Global Media Blockchain Summit. The two-day event featured influential speakers from around the world with attendees that mirrored the global diversity. Here is a recap of Day One and follow us on Twitter for updates from Sunday’s sessions.

The morning kicked off with a welcome keynote from California State Senator Robert Hertzberg:

He is pushing California for forward looking Blockchain regulation because he sees a solution to the income inequality problem that is affecting the US:

Next, Investor Andrew Gu from DHVC talked about what it is like having a $600M investment fund focusing on Blockchain:

He had some direct advice for the students in the audience and made it clear that, even as an investor, he’s still a Stanford technologist at heart:

A practice that may be common at conferences in Asia, it was pretty wild to listen to a translator via a headset. For some panels, we even had multiple languages within the same panel and had to remove and replace the headset from speaker to speaker!

The morning ended with a panel on media’s influence on Blockchain development:

Cointime’s Ray Zhang discussed a persistent problem in determining the value of projects:

Lino Network’s Wilson Wei dispelled the myth that PR and Marketing are the signs of a good project:

And David Zhang made a call for governments around the work to make an example of the real scammers:

After lunch, we were joined by David Moss, formerly of (developers of EOS) and currently the CEO of StrongBlock:

He lead us through an interactive demo of what it means to be an EOS Block Producer:

And finally teased us with a general idea of what StrongBlock will be upon launch:

The following panel included some heavy hitters from Los Angeles, San Francisco, Puerto Rico, and China:

Paul Veradittaki of Pantera Capital had concerns with the regulatory environment:

While DNA Fund’s Tom Lombardi is optimistic about strong community projects:

Phillip Liu, COO of Bitmain, was asked about how mining affects the price of Bitcoin:

And how he thinks that they energy usage problem in Bitcoin will play out:

Finally, all four panelists weighed in on where they think prices are going this year:

Next up was a panel on gaming and content:

Investor and entrepreneur Teddy Zee gave some advice:

And Wax’s William Quigley chimed in as well:

We closed out the day with a fireside East meets West chat:

Overall, this conference showcased a diverse range of voices in the US and Asian Blockchain communities. We’re looking forward to seeing day two pick up where day one left off.

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