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KPMG Survey Indicates Enterprise Blockchain Adoption is on the Rise


KPMG Survey Indicates Enterprise Blockchain Adoption is on the Rise

KPMG recently released their ‘2019 Technology Industry Innovation’ survey — with results favorable towards the adoption of blockchain for business. The survey is compiled of results from more than 740 global leaders in the technology industry across 12 countries, with 76% of respondents C-level executives. Some of the key finding include:

41% of companies will implement Blockchain technology in the next three years

Commenting is Damien Ducourty, Co-founder of B9lab, a provider of blockchain education and training, “Blockchains have the potential to transform a significant number of industries. The key areas are in reducing cost or increasing capacity and/or speed. Incumbents can choose to be part of the potential transformation and shape the change or try and streamline their existing practices. It seems many companies are keeping their options open by doing both.”

The four most disruptive areas include Internet of Things (IoT) processes, Trading, Cyber Risk, and Contracts

In response Jehan Chu, Co-founder and Managing Partner at Kenetic and Co-founder of Social Alpha Foundation, a not-for-profit grant making platform focusing on social impact initiatives and projects said, “Digital assets including security tokens will revolutionize not only capital markets but will bind together retail, IoT, logistics, and more to create super-vertical value chains anchored by the blockchain backbone. This blockchain technology will empower the next digital economic age.”

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1 Comment

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