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StrongBlock Announces $4M in Funding from Pangea Blockchain Fund and Magnetic Capital


StrongBlock Announces $4M in Funding from Pangea Blockchain Fund and Magnetic Capital

StrongBlock, a Cayman Islands company with operations in Southern California, has announced $4M in funding from Pangea Blockchain Fund and Magnetic Capital. The raise will support the company’s plans to be the blockchain standard for enterprises, financial institutions, and governments by leveraging the EOSIO MIT Open Source code. CEO David Moss told Blockchain Beach, “Blockchain has been hard to implement. Our objective is to make it easy, so businesses can focus resources on solving problems. We’re working toward a future where any business or organization that wants to fire up a working blockchain, can do so quickly.”

By providing turnkey implementation, service level guarantees, ongoing client support and consulting services, StrongBlock helps ensure that enterprises can securely integrate blockchain solutions with legacy systems without wasting both time and money attempting to build proprietary infrastructures.

Enterprises already know they have certain problems that only blockchain can solve, notably in supply chain, product provenance, healthcare, and finance,” said Moss, “With StrongBlock, businesses can actually implement solutions. Now that Blockchains can scale using Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS), we’re excited about taking the code to the next level.”

StrongBlock’s mission is to empower enterprises to focus resources on using blockchain to solve business problems. StrongBlock founders, David Moss, Thomas Cox, Corey Lederer, and Brian Abramson, led the successful build of EOSIO as early technology executives at and also have experience at large enterprises, such as Oracle, IBM, and Nike.

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