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2018 Women in Blockchain Summit at UC-Irvine


2018 Women in Blockchain Summit at UC-Irvine

We were live from the 2018 Women in Blockchain Conference at University of California-Irvine — a full day of panels with Rahilla Zafar (Consensys), Alex Tinsman (NEM), Priyanka Sold (Coinbase) and more! You can follow the entire conference on our Twitter or see the highlights here:

Getting started, Heidi Pease, Los Angeles Blockchain Lab, welcomes the crowd and gives the basics of Blockchain. The attendees are here mainly to learn:

Next, Rahilla Zafar, Managing Director of ConsenSys, discusses her time in the Middle East and dispels some misconceptions about Women in that region:

Like many others, she got into Blockchain for noble reasons:

And did you know about women in Saudi Arabia?

The following panel features women from Social Impact, Finance, Tech, and Cybersecurity in Blockchain and similar projects:

Real Estate may see some the biggest changes via Blockchain Technology:

Security is good, but we have work to do to secure personal data, especially under the EU’s new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR):

Last panel before the break:

NEM wants to make it easy for developers to build on their platform:

We’re back with the afternoon keynote from Susan Poole:

Want to get involved?

And if you’re in Southern California:

Next up a panel on Woman Empowerment and Inclusion:

Did you know?

Next is an panel on the real world applications of Blockchain in Healthcare, IOT, and Supply Chain:

First — Healthcare:

Second — Supply Chain:

Third — Internet of Things:

The second to last panel of the day on Investing 101:

How does Coinbase promote safe investing?

The US Regulators are fighting over jurisdiction and causing problems in the process:

Financial institutions are coming, but not yet:

The final panel of the day is a Fireside chat:

How do you explain Blockchain and Bitcoin to people who don’t know about it?

Did you know — laws are old:

To learn more about the Chamber of Digital Commerce, check out their website:

Thanks again to Blockchain at UCI for a great event. We look forward to the next one!

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