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CryptoBlockcon LA 2018: Downtown’s Finest


CryptoBlockcon LA 2018: Downtown’s Finest

CryptoBlockCon kicked off their four city conference tour of 2018 with a two day event in Downtown Los Angeles. Blockchain Beach moderated two panels and live tweeted many others. For the full set of tweets, visit our Twitter account or read below for the highlights:

Wednesday April 4th

Chris Snook, from the World Tokenonmic Forum, hosted the evening event. His organization is hosting a 32-start up competition at their annual event this year:

Steve Masur, of Masur Griffitts + LLP, described how new this industry is for everyone, including the regulators that are being tasked with moving quickly:

And fashion was on display:

Thursday, April 5th

The day started bright and early with an opening keynote from the esteemed CEO of Wax and OPskins, William Quigley:

And don’t forget that it’s never to late to get involved:

Next up was a panel on sending wealth:

With a bit of history on the origins of the NEM Blockchain:

And the future of our digital tribes:

The next panel of the day featured a number of Women Leaders in Blockchain:

The women had great recommendations on how women can get involved:

How men can help women:

And how men can not hurt themselves:

Later in the day, was a interesting panel on investing in Blockchain companies:

And there was a great warning from Lindsey Maule of Luna Capital about the dangers of only looking at a project’s community at the surface level:

CryptoBlockCon closed out the day with a Keynote from Crystal Rose, CEO of Sensay and the SENSE token project:

She discussed the Japanese concept of Ikigai and what it means to have a fulfilling purpose in life:

In closing, she touched on the recent trouble with Facebook and the opportunity that lies ahead:

With the New York CryptoBlockCon coming up next in August, the conference organizers are going to have to work hard to top what they accomplished in Los Angeles the past few days!

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