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Crypto Invest Summit: Day 1 Recap


Crypto Invest Summit: Day 1 Recap

Blockchain Beach attended Day 1 of the largest Crypto event in Los Angeles. Read below for some highlights or you can see the full set of our live tweets here. You can also see our recap of Day 2, with entrepreneurs Crystal Rose and former Olympic Medalists Apolo Ohno.

The opening Keynote came from Hashgraph CEO, Mance Harmon. He had a surprising quote:

The following was a fireside chat with investor Tim Draper and his son Adam (also an investor):

Tim had a lot to say about government regulation:

And the current state of heavily regulated industries:

Adam chimed in with his thoughts about investing in startups and how company structure is not the defining characteristic:

In the first full panel of the day, a number of Blockchain investors weighed in on the state of the industry:

The always interesting Jeremy Gardner, of Augur and Ausum Ventures, questioned the idea of a Crypto “Hedge” Fund:

Moderator of the panel, and one of the Crypto Invest Summit Organizers, Wavemaker Genesis’s Alon Goren gave us perspective on the potential token market:

And back to Jeremy, don’t ignore both the risks and benefits of Airdrops:

The following panel was a fireside chat between DNA Fund/Wavemaker’s Scott Walker talking to Abra CEO Bill Barhydt:

Did you know that ANY customer service is the top rated customer service in the Blockchain industry?

Abra will allow you to lock in a USD value of your Digital Currency:

And in some countries, you can exchange funds and not get taxed using their system (not in the US, sorry):

There has been a lot of talk about whether there should be “Women in Blockchain” panels versus just having more women during other panels. However, we still saw a world class group of women today:

Tavonia may have created Guapcoin for the African American community, but that doesn’t mean Blockchain is for everyone:

But it is for some:

And in case you still think you’ve missed the boat, you haven’t:

The Beyond the ICO Hype panel had a timeline of US Regulatory Action. Recent quotes from SEC Chairman Clayton don’t sound as scary as his previous ones:

The most fiery panel of the day came from a panel of Crypto Investors, plus one entrepreneur (guess who had the most exciting quotes):

As one of the investors used soundbites to preach regulatory caution, David Bleznak shot back with passion:


To end the day, we got to hear about the Asian Markets and their impact:

For long time investors, a difficult shift in mindset is necessary to think about this new asset class:

And finally, don’t diss Satoshi:

You can also see our recap of Day 2, with entrepreneurs Crystal Rose and former Olympic Medalists Apolo Ohno.

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