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StartEngine ICO 2.0 Summit: Security Tokens on Display


StartEngine ICO 2.0 Summit: Security Tokens on Display

Blockchain Beach attended StartEngine’s ICO 2.0 Summit in Santa Monica. You can view our full series of live tweets here, but read on for some of the highlights:

Start Engine CEO Howard Marks kicked off the conference with a plea for regulation. Blockchain Beach does not believe that all tokens are Security Tokens, but regulated Security Tokens are coming and they will hold a lot of value:

The first panel was on the State of ICO Regulation:

Speaking of Utility Tokens, Civic founder Vinny Lingham wants to see true utility with a well thought Token Economic Model:

He also does not invest in ICOs that pay for ads (which is why he didn’t think the Facebook/Google ad ban was all that relevant):

Next, Chia founder Ryan Singer expressed an interest in not going to jail:

Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne was supposed to give a morning keynote, but was unable to attend. However, other representative from tZERO spoke on other panels:

The next Keynote was from Investor, Gil Penchina:

He loves 24/7 trading hours:

The next panel was about Airdrops, which should be a big topic in 2018 and 2019:

One interesting idea was keeping your tokens off trading exchanges if you want to stay a utility:

Everyone on the panel thought that Everipedia is the next big Airdrop (coming to EOS token holders in June):

The afternoon Keynote from Mark Suster had some predictable quotes:

And also some more bullish statements on the potential of Blockchain and DApps:

The next panel was on whether ICOs are Disrupting Venture Capital:

It had some classic quotes from Jeremy Gardner, Ausum Ventures and Augur:

And his former Augur co-founder, Joey Krug:

The panel agreed that these were the top investment criteria for Blockchain projects:

The closing Keynote of the day came from investor, Lou Kerner. He’s waiting for the Flippening to happen between Utility Tokens and Security Tokens:

How do you define “Crypto?”

Predictions, anyone?

The next StartEngine ICO Summit will be in November and we’re looking forward to another great day!

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