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Everipedia Token Delivery Pushed until after EOS.IO Launch


Everipedia Token Delivery Pushed until after EOS.IO Launch

Crypto enthusiasts will have to wait a little longer for the highly anticipated token distribution by Los Angeles-based Wikipedia competitor, Everipedia.  As the Company moves closer to its goal of implementing a token economy using blockchain, it has decided to push back delivery of its (IQ) tokens until at least June.

Following January’s announcement that they would build exclusively on the EOS.IO blockchain, Everipedia CEO Sam Kazemian confirmed in the Company’s official Telegram group that the IQ token delivery will happen “shortly after” the EOS.IO network (mainnet) launch.  In order to be eligible to receive IQ tokens, which Everipedia will distribute via airdrop, crypto holders must be owners of EOS tokens that have been properly registered via the EOS website.  In addition, Kazemian set a June 15th date as the deadline for when a “snapshot” of EOS token holders would be taken.  Since the year-long EOS token sale is ongoing until June, all existing and future EOS token holders will be eligible for the Everipedia tokens.  For detailed information on how to purchase EOS tokens, CLICK HERE.

In addition, Kazemian confirmed that his team will be working with CTO Dan Larimer on the token economics for Everipedia later this month.  This will allow Larimer’s ideas and suggestions, including improvements over blogging and social networking website Steemit, to be included Everipedia’s forthcoming whitepaper.

Since major development on the EOS.IO blockchain is expected to continue throughout the spring, Everipedia has prepared a contingency plan for token delivery in the event that the EOS.IO public network (mainnet) is not available by June 15th. However, the launch of the Everipedia Network token economy will be contingent upon the public availability of the EOS.IO mainnet.

Earlier this month, Everipedia announced $30M in funding from a number of investors, including Mike Novogratz‘s Galaxy Digital fund.

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