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UCLA Cyber Days Day 1: Informative and Well Organized


UCLA Cyber Days Day 1: Informative and Well Organized

February 17th, was the first day of the inaugural UCLA Cyber Days Conference with day two occurring tomorrow. Boasting a strong series of panels, the organizers from the UCLA Blockchain Lab and the DApper Network also earned points for strong logistics and selling an appropriate amount of tickets for the venue size (unlike some other conferences). The conference is currently sold out online, but you may be able to purchase day two tickets at the door.

Blockchain Beach attended and live tweeted the event. You can see the full series of tweets here.

Highlights included:

The Future of Blockchain Keynote by David Moss ( – Team building EOS)

Blockchain in Real Estate Can Prevent the Next Economic Meltdown

Fireside Chat with DASH

How Blockchain Technology Can Help Improve the World’s Health

Blockchain’s Influence on the Development of Art and Culture

Finding the Balance Between Regulation and Innovation

Shifting Strategies in 2018: How Legitimate Projects Can Succeed

Click here for highlights from Day 2!

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Co-Founder, Blockchain Beach -- Twitter: @EvanGreenberg

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1 Comment

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