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SCAM ALERT: EOS Airdrop Phishing Emails


SCAM ALERT: EOS Airdrop Phishing Emails

As EOS moves toward the scheduled Mainnet release date of June 2, scammers and fraudsters are stepping up their game to target people who have expressed interest in the forthcoming Blockchain operating system. When EOS goes live in June, there will be a conversion of their token from and ERC-20 token to an EOS Mainnet token (Blockchain Beach will post more on that as it gets closer), but email scammers have been touting Airdrops and Rewards for those holding the EOS token now.

Ignore these emails — any Airdrops you may earn being an EOS token holder should happen without you having to follow any kind of one-off registration process sent to you via email (although you may need to hold them off of the exchange you bought them on).

Blockchain Beach has obtained one such email, but have also seen others:

Notice the sender is “[email protected],” which is not a reputable sender. Blockchain Beach even saw one such email with a sender containing “,” but please note that the EOS website is

DO NOT click on these emails and NEVER enter your private key if someone asks for it. Be safe.

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