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Crypto Invest Summit Spring Day 2 Recap: Investor Day


Crypto Invest Summit Spring Day 2 Recap: Investor Day

We were back for Day 2 at Crypto Invest Summit at the LA Convention Center. If you missed our day 1 recap of LA’s biggest conference, you can read it here.

The first panel we saw focused on Scaling Access to Crypto:

Moderator Rodney Sampson gave advice to a Q&A about how others can help:

Next was a panel about Enterprise Blockchain:

David Moss from StrongBlock explained how enterprises are currently working at the consortium level:

ConsenSys Director Pei Chen had a poignant point about disruption vs. innovation:

Block.One’s Jay Chang gave a realistic picture of where we are as an industry:

Next was an investor panel with some top Venture Capital funds in the space:

Miko Matsumura does not think that Blockchain is a good business strategy for everyone:

Greg Gilman, Science, lays out two steps to investment. First it has to be possible and then good:

And if you were wondering what those investment options are:

The day ended with some predictions for the future:

Brock Pierce loves being at Blockchain conferences during bear markets:

Pierce then echoed Jeremy Gardner’s ELEV8 thoughts about FacebookCoin:

And Barbara Bickham reminded us not to forget about the device manufacturers:

If you missed our Day 1 recap with Charlie Lee, Pomp, and more, you can read it here. See you in the Fall!

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