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Crypto Invest Summit Spring Day 1 Recap: Pomp, Charlie Lee, and More


Crypto Invest Summit Spring Day 1 Recap: Pomp, Charlie Lee, and More

We arrived back at the Los Angeles Convention Center for 2019’s Crypto Invest Summit Spring to catch a live taping of Anthony Pompliano‘s “Off the Chain” Podcast with Pomp and Litecoin Founder Charlie Lee. We were not the first to arrive, as the Main Stage was packed from the start:

Although neither would call the bear market over, Lee was willing to say that Bitcoin is successful:

Although Lee can’t predict the future, he can predict volatility:

During Q&A, Lee received feedback about Litecoin’s UFC sponsorship:

In between panels, we checked out the Convention floor and found CryptoBrekkie‘s Store of Value:

Next up was a panel with Shruthi Rao of Amazon Blockchain. Amazon has currently launched two projects in the space:

She does not believe that just implementing Blockchain into your supply chain will make it happen. There are many stakeholders that need to buy in:

There are a lot of payment providers and wallets out there already. Why do we need others?

Next up was a panel on investing and Security Tokens. CryptoOracle’s Lou Kerner is excited for the future:

Ownera’s Ami Ben-David had some advice for the Securities and Exchange Commission to help them move forward with regulatory innovation:

Weild & Co’s David Weild and Tokensoft’s Mason Borda are ok with the speed that the SEC is moving because they want them to get the regulations correct:

We closed the day with a panel on decentralized applications (dApps), but what is the definition of mass adoption of dApps?

ShEOS’s Emily Bush has been thinking a lot about the challenges for dApps:

Sense CTO Ben Sigman explained one of the benefits of EOS over Ethereum:

Is Fortnite the model for Blockchain games?

Check out our coverage of Day 2 with Brock Pierce, Miko Matsumura, and more here.

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