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Ethereal Summit: Day 1 Recap

Blockchain Week NY

Ethereal Summit: Day 1 Recap

Blockchain Beach provided live coverage of the Ethereal Summit by Consensys on May 10 at the Knockdown Center in New York. The first day of the conference showcased voices from all over the world and focused on blockchain’s impact on global development.

Here are the Day 1 highlights:  (Looking for Day 2?  Click here)

The opening Keynote was from Aya Miyaguchi, the Executive Director of the Ethereum Foundation:

She announced that the 2018 Ethereum Developer’s Conference (DevCon IV) will be held October 30 – November 2 2018 in Prague, Czech.

Later, we were joined by Eva Kaili from the EU Parliament. She made sure to dispel the myth that Bitcoin is good for crime and fraud:

She also found it very interesting that some recent disruptors, like Uber, have the potential of being disrupted soon:

The next panel focused on the Middle East, including Rahilla Zafar, Managing Director of Consensys. She had a very interesting statistic about the population of Saudi Arabia:

Next, Wall Street Journal writer Paul Vigna gave the audience a bit of a history lesson:

He also took a couple shots at tech companies that were used for foreign electoral interventions:

Sandra Ro, CEO of the Global Blockchain Business Council (GBBC), addressed how blockchain technology can help smaller, developing nations. Previously, she was the Head of Digitization at the CME Group and her work led to launching Bitcoin Futures near the end of 2017.

Later, Bermuda Premier David Burt made a number of interesting announcements, including one about Overstock and tZERO:

Day 1 closed with a keynote from for former JPMorgan Blockchain Lead, Amber Baldet. Her latest venture is still in stealth mode, so she discussed some common misconceptions in Blockchain (a topic Blockchain Beach is passionate about as well!).

The beginning of her presentation focused on her thoughts that there will be many Blockchains with their own strengths and weaknesses:

If you want to build on Blockchain, you need to understand which one aligns with your goals:

She moved on to a point that privacy is not binary, there can be selected privacy. She even used an example that made ZK-SNARK make sense:

You can find our coverage from Day 2 of the event here.  Also, catch our future event coverage by following us on Twitter.

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