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Ethereal Summit: Day 2 Recap

Blockchain Week NY

Ethereal Summit: Day 2 Recap

Blockchain Beach continued our coverage of the Ethereal Summit at the Knockdown Center in Brooklyn, New York. You can see coverage from Day 1 here, follow our entire set of live tweets, or read below for the Day 2 highlights, which included a keynote from Ethereum Co-founder and Consensys Founder Joe Lubin and an exciting live (digital) art auction:

Day 2 began with a keynote from Sheila Warren of the World Economic Fund’s Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.  One of her main learnings from her time working on humanitarian projects is that you cannot build incentives for what you think people want. You need to work with them to make sure that your system makes sense in the real world:

So what was the better solution?

Because we want to avoid:

Next was Sam Cassatt, Chief Strategy Officer of Consensys, who spoke out about how the world is changing:

Kavita Gupta followed with a major announcement for Consensys Ventures:

After the announcement, Kavita was joined by Consensys Founder Joe Lubin and The Daily Show‘s Ronny Chieng (who had previously interviewed Lubin for the show):

Ronny had some strong feelings about Ripple:

But then pointed out an ongoing issue (and one that Blockchain Beach is working on):

They ended with a great message and goal to strive for:

Next Ryan Selkis, also known online as twobitidiot, lead a talk on transparency, the day after his Twitter was hacked:

We got to speak to California Congressional Candidate, Brain Forde, after his keynote:

Keep an eye out for Laura Shin‘s new podcast “Unchained,” which she taped live from Ethereal:

The talks ended with a closing keynote from Joe Lubin:

But the day was not done! Codex hosted a live auction for some digital art:

How much would you pay for this CryptoKitty?

And one bonus tweet highlighting some of the event’s fashion:

Consensys and Ethereal were great hosts and we look forward to their next event! If you missed day one of our coverage, you can see it here.

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