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StartEngine Security Token Summit 2018 Recap


StartEngine Security Token Summit 2018 Recap

Friday, October 19th 2018 – Blockchain Beach attended StartEngine Summit: Tokenizing the World in Santa Monica with the focus on security tokens and equity crowdfunding.  Our recap of the conference highlights is below.  Also, video of the event is available, but it doesn’t include some the morning keynote speeches.

The day begun with a keynote from former Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Chairman Christopher Cox:

He explained the “highly decentralized” nature of the SEC:

And urged US regulators to take the “Do No Harm” approach on blockchain regulation:

Next, the conference turned to a panel on Stablecoins:

There was a question about Tether, which had some volatility this week:

The next panel looked at investment strategies and featured Evercoin founder Miko Matasumura and Autonomous Partners’ Ariana Simpson:

Simpson shared a viewpoint about whether or not startups need a token:

The focus then shifted to Global Investments:

Genesis Founder David Siemer has traveled the world and has learned a lot about global regulations:

The closing keynote was given by Charles Hoskinson, founding member of Ethereum and IOHK (Cardano):

He had some strong words about Ethereum:

But also an optimistic view of what Blockchain technology will bring:

Based on what we learned today, we are well on our way to “tokenizing the world!” To watch a stream of the entire conference, you can find it here.

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