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Crypto Invest Summit kicks off with ‘Women of Crypto’ Panels


Crypto Invest Summit kicks off with ‘Women of Crypto’ Panels

The Crypto Invest Summit returned to the Los Angeles Convention Center today and the conference kicked off with a full day of panels featuring “Women of Crypto.”  Women of Crypto is an LA-based community organization, founded by Alison Burger and Emily Bush, to encourage the inclusion of women in the blockchain technology industry.

The pre-conference programming produced by the organization featured an all-female group of entrepreneurs, executives, and influencers discussing a multitude of topics, including tokenized assets and interactive marketing.

They gave tips on how to get engagement:

And reminded the crowd that most users probably aren’t into crypto (yet):

When should projects start marketing?

Plus a prediction for 2019:

Next was a panel on Blockchain for Good that focused on how the technology can support women, minorities, and others:

They discussed the importance for diversity when building products:

EOS Detroit is focused on the EOS Blockchain, but also local Detroit issues and politics:

The day concluded with a high profile panel on Full Spectrum Blockchain:

We learned how Paragon Coin came to be (almost accidentally):

SENSE CEO Crystal Rose gave a prediction for 2019:

And Sarah Austin agrees:

Emily Bush, ShEOS, thinks that the industry is maturing from an investment standpoint:


Hopefully, BUIDL Payment Rails:

And let’s think about self-regulating, rather than waiting for government to regulate:

Catch our full coverage from Day 1 of the conference, our full recap with Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak, or Day 2 of the conference with Tim Draper.

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