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Crypto Invest Summit Day 1 Recap: Steve Wozniak and Boost VC’s Adam Draper Are Bullish on Blockchain


Crypto Invest Summit Day 1 Recap: Steve Wozniak and Boost VC’s Adam Draper Are Bullish on Blockchain

Crypto Invest Summit rolled along Tuesday with a full day of keynotes and panels, live from the Los Angeles Convention Center. Click for coverage from the previous day’s Women of Crypto Track and the recap of Day 2 with Tim Draper.

Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak provided the highest profile keynote of the day. You can read a full recap of his fireside chat here.

Earlier in the day, Boost VC’s Adam Draper explained why the current markets are ok #buylow:

Draper then made the following one and ten year predictions:

Abra CEO Bill Barhydt shared survey data of his users to help the attendees understand what users are asking:

The next panel was a focus on Blockchain Adoption:

Part of it is simply solving a problem, not how it’s being solved:

Free Crypto for everyone!

The next panel discussed the advances in the EOS ecosystem:

EOS may be the only platform that can handle full scale games right now:

Shoutout to Blockchain Beach from Everipedia’s Sam Kazemian:

Now is the time to BUIDL:

Next, Sense CEO Crystal Rose spoke on Privacy & Self-Sovereignty:

It’s time to take back your power:

Next up was a panel on investing:

ConsenSys’s Kavita Gupta shared the changing nature of investment in this industry:

We love the style on iTrustCapital CEO Morgan Steckler:

The day closed with a panel on innovation:

In order for the industry to move forward, Blockchains will need to be able to work together:

They talked about the upcoming use cases that we will see in the world:

We closed our day with our Co-Founder, Erin Pederson, being interviewed for CNBC’s Crypto Trader Show with Investor Emily Bush and Sense CEO Crystal Rose:

Click to see our other Crypto Invest Summit coverage from the Women of Crypto track, the entire Steve Wozniak fireside chat, or our recap of Day 2 with Tim Draper.

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