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The Future Party Hosts Everipedia and Others


The Future Party Hosts Everipedia and Others

Blockchain Beach attended “Not Another Blockchain Panel,” hosted by The Future Party, a media company and digital platform for creative leaders. The night featured networking, two panels (including one with the team from Everipedia), and a dinner. The event was held on the patio at the Phase Two co-working space in the Culver City region of LA:

The first panel of the night featuring Daniel Riddell (Decent) and moderator Tatiana Koffman (Full Cycle Energy):

The Decent Platform trustfully transmits digital content anywhere in the world, while Full Cycle Energy has a proprietary technology that creates natural gas from waste. It will soon be funded via a Security Token Offering (STO).

The panelists had interesting points of view on media:

and on healthcare:

Next up was the team from Everipedia, with Future Party Founder, Boye Fajinmi:

Kedar Lyer, Everipedia’s lead developer made a good point about using decentralized applications:

And founder Sam Kazemian commented on the nature of incentivized systems:

Plus a prediction that:

And as always, Mahbod was quick to jump in with his soundbites, with thoughts on Facebook:


and him wanting you to share his passion for creating Wiki pages all day:

Not every Future Party event will focus on the Blockchain, but a number of their events are Blockchain adjacent and may appeal to the Blockchain enthusiast. Their prior event focused on Digital Identity where topics relevant to the Blockchain were discussed, including digital goods (CryptoKitties anyone?). Their next event will center around eSports and the Future of Gaming, so keep an eye out for that in August.

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