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President Trump Tweets About Bitcoin, Crypto, and Facebook’s Libra


President Trump Tweets About Bitcoin, Crypto, and Facebook’s Libra

In what could be looked at as both a positive and negative day for Bitcoin, Crypto, and Facebook’s plan to create their own digital currency, Libra, US President Donald Trump tweeted this today:

This is not fake news! On one hand, Trump is certainly not saying good things. However, as the old saying goes, there’s no such thing as bad press. And this from the most powerful man in the world to his almost 62 million followers.

This may also have implications for the 2020 Presidential elections. With Democratic candidates looking for policy items to differ on with Trump, perhaps the left becomes Pro-Crypto?

Some prominent Crypto Twitter personalities weighed in with their commentary (and jokes):

And Justin Sun even invited him to his lunch with Warren Buffet:

Only time will tell as to whether this administration takes a hard line on Crypto regulation, but wouldn’t it be something if Justin Sun is the one to change his mind. We will see whether this series of tweets leads to actual change, or simply goes down as one of the many presidential musings that exist only as Twitter fodder.

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