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Wyoming Leads the Way for Blockchain Innovation, Visits LA

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Wyoming Leads the Way for Blockchain Innovation, Visits LA

On Wednesday, June 27th, Blockchain Beach attended an event hosted by DNA Fund at their event space, SEED. The topic of the day was “Wyoming,” as we were joined by entrepreneurs, educators, and legislators from the 44th state in the union. You can find all tweets from the event using #DNAWyoming.

DNA Fund co-founder, James Glasscock, kicked off the day with his opening statements, including the importance of community in pushing forward the adopting of Blockchain technology:

We then moved on to the first panel of the day:

This panel helped the crowd understand the benefits of starting a Blockchain business in Wyoming:

and then how Wyoming came to be such a forward thinking state on this topic:

Wyoming is looking out for everyone, not special interests, like the banks:

Especially the banks:

And you don’t have to go through a lot of red tape to register your business and even launch a utility token, just visit their website,

If you do want to operate a Blockchain business with users in the United States, even if you are incorporated elsewhere, a government can still come knocking. Rob Jennings, co-founder of Beefchain, had a interesting point along those lines:

Do you have a Blockchain use case that you need a partner to test it with? Wyoming may be the place for you:

And they’re far from finished when it comes to favorable Blockchain legislation:

After getting our fill of Wyoming beef that had been tracked from calf to plate using Blockchain technology, we sat down with University of Wyoming professors to talk about their students and Blockchain curriculum:

If you’re concerned that starting a company in Wyoming will leave you searching for talented engineers, the University is working to assuage you:

And the same goes for Cyber Security experts:

And your Finance and Operations professionals:

We ended the day with a showcase from some of Wyoming’s top entrepreneurs:

They each gave a first hand account of why Wyoming is a great place for Blockchain business, including Nathan Delong from AlterVerse:

Charles Dusek of NODE Haven:

Nelson Lane of DeceCoin:

And Tony Rose from BeefChain:

We also heard from DATA, the Digital Asset Trade Association, who works closely with Wyoming legislators in crafting these forward thinking bills:

Wyoming Senator Ogden Driskell left us with final words of wisdom and encouraged everyone to call their local politicians and speak to them if possible:

All in all a great event with a unique perspective for everyone to consider. If Wyoming can push forward these laws and get them to be uniformly adopted across states, it may slow the drain of Blockchain innovation that has been happening in the US due to the uncertain regulatory environment.

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1 Comment

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