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Blockchain Thanksgiving: What We’re Thankful For


Blockchain Thanksgiving: What We’re Thankful For

Blockchain Beach is involved in the practice of Gratitude all year long, but it’s good to give thanks during this special time of year. We’re grateful for:

  • Bitcoin – No matter what the price in US dollars and no matter how cold the Crypto Winter, one Bitcoin will always be worth one Bitcoin. We’re looking forward to the time that statement holds more weight and value.
  • Satoshi Nakamoto – Our community recently gave thanks to the Bitcoin creator on the 10th anniversary of the Bitcoin white paper.
  • Ethereum – Whether or not it ends up being a scalable platform for consumer applications, the potential of this decentralized computing platform brought a lot of talented developers into the Blockchain space. Plus, CryptoKitties 😉
  • EOS – This smart contracts platform is a favorite of many in the Blockchain Beach community, as an alternative to Ethereum.
  • Positive Media Exposure – Alex Winter is the latest filmmaker to bring Blockchain to the big screen with his documentary, ‘Truth Machine: A Story of Blockchain.’ We covered the West Coast premiere, which was introduced by Winter and the film’s narrator, actress Rosario Dawson.
  • The Blockchain Beach community – From Malibu down to San Diego, we love seeing all of you at conferences and other events. Plus all of the companies building great products and making great investments (we’re looking at you Sense, WAX, Everipedia, LA Blockchain Lab & participating Universities, Genesis Holdings, DNA Fund, Ikigai Asset Management, Paladin Trust, StartEngine, StrongBlock, iTrust Capital, BlockV, VERSES, Lynx/Workcoin, MyCrypto, Gem, Squirrel, Decentric Media, Buttrfly, Netki, Guardium, Vevue, AUX, and our new friends at the west coast hub of ConsenSys (and anyone we may have missed).
  • And of course, YOU, our readers around the Globe – We’re here to bring you the best in Blockchain news and content and we’re so grateful to have you back to read our latest posts.
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